Discover facts

Discover facts

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2007

Listen to your text

Dear students
This week we will work on describing a place in Mexico using images , audio and an online tool called Voice Thread.
Before you record your audio please practise and make sure you know how to pronounce your text.

You can use the following TEXT TO SPEECH software .

All you need to do is write your text ( or copy and paste it ) in the text box and click the button SPEAK to listen to the correct pronunciation.

2 comentarios:

Grecia dijo...

I think that it is page is very good because it helps us when we have some doubt on the pronunciation of any text or words in English. Thanks teacher for help us!

monica ileanne dijo...

this page is good because the english is a important language and is good to have a help for the homework and for learning.

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