Discover facts

Discover facts

martes, 23 de octubre de 2007

Practise reading stories

Before we have our next big project, we need to concentrate a litlle more in our speaking skills.
Part A
1. Select 5 stories from level 3 .Use the following link.
Kiz club Level 3
2. Listen to the stories many times until you can read them out loud correctly.
3. Print them. (You can use the printable option at the bottom of each book)
4. Take your printed version to class.

Part B
1. Print the lyrics for the 3 songs you selected from SMS tunes.
2. Make sure you know how to read them corroectly. Use the videoclips and the audio to help yourself with the pronunciation.

You will be evaluated on your pronunciation the first week of November.(5th and 6th)

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2007

Listen to your text

Dear students
This week we will work on describing a place in Mexico using images , audio and an online tool called Voice Thread.
Before you record your audio please practise and make sure you know how to pronounce your text.

You can use the following TEXT TO SPEECH software .

All you need to do is write your text ( or copy and paste it ) in the text box and click the button SPEAK to listen to the correct pronunciation.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Just for Fun

Dear students,
I have 2 surprises here for you.

One is a place with lots of songs and music to sing karaoke. SMS tunes karaoke

The next is a place designed by an English Language teacher from France. The games and activities are wonderful. ACTIVITIES and GAMES

Please check them and post me a comment in this blog.
See you on Monday at the computer lab.

martes, 2 de octubre de 2007

A multimedia Library

Dear students
After the voice thread project we will read, listen and learn about some curricular toipics. Check the following library to have an idea of the type of videos you can find here.
I hope yu like them,

Datos personales

Mi foto

I am an English language teacher in k-12 in Mexico.
I believe in the power of technology to better education.
I love playing tennis and outdoor activities.