Discover facts

Discover facts

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Meet the Awesome New Animals

Well it is time for more fun.

You are the news reporter at an animal park. The park has 5 new animals and wants the public to come and meet them.

Your task:

Create a brochure inviting people to come and meet the new Animals in the Park
Your brochure must include
  • The name of your park. (E.g. African Odyssey, Namibian Safari Park)
  • A sentence that clearly shows the purpose of the brochure ( to attract visitors).Be creative. For example: You have new friends . Come and meet them! or Have a great day at Odyssey Park with the new animals!
  • The names of the new animals with a photograph and 4 facts about them. Try to use the auxiliary "can" in at east one of the facts.
Step 1. Get information about animals . You can explore the following sites :
  1. National Geograhic for kids
  2. Discoveryschool
  3. San Diego Zoo Don´t miss the video clips.
  4. Ology at the American museum of National History

Step 2. When you look at the sites have these questions in mind:
1. What are your 5 most favorite animals? (select a picture for each)
2. What interesting facts about them can you include?
Select 3 or 4 facts. For example:

Extraordinary animal!

"Lucy" is our new elephant. She uses her trunk for many different things, like drinking, smelling, grabbing, and even “hugging.”

Lucy can eat 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of food in one day.

Step 3. Make the brochure. You can use Brochure maker
or any other program you may have such as Publisher.

Step 4. Print your brochure.
You will present it in class February 5th (group 403), February 6th (group 413)

Have fun and enjoy the activity.

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2008

First project: Your Christmas holidays.

Welcome back

Yes, we are about to begin classes again. I hope you had a great holiday and are ready to continue working and learning . In January we will have three major activities

1. A project where you describe your Christmas holiday.
2. An independent study session using internet to practise telling the time and talking about the weather
3. An exam using your cards.

For the first week you need to create a powerpoint presentation with 6 to 10 pictures with a short text describing your Christmas holidays.
Highlight in a contrasting color the verbs in past tense in the text.
Publish your slides using slideshare and embed it in your blog.
The deadline is January 12th.

To get some ideas listen to the following segments from Fred in Canada. Click begin and activate the view text (on) to listen and read.
Fred´s routine
Fred's Gifts

You can also look at the following example I prepared for you.

Datos personales

Mi foto

I am an English language teacher in k-12 in Mexico.
I believe in the power of technology to better education.
I love playing tennis and outdoor activities.