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Discover facts

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Just for Fun

Dear students,
I have 2 surprises here for you.

One is a place with lots of songs and music to sing karaoke. SMS tunes karaoke

The next is a place designed by an English Language teacher from France. The games and activities are wonderful. ACTIVITIES and GAMES

Please check them and post me a comment in this blog.
See you on Monday at the computer lab.

3 comentarios:

Grecia dijo...

This page is very funny, I'm enchanted because I believe that this type of activities makes more interesting to learn English. It's very good that there are teachers as you, who make the class more pleasant.

carlos dijo...

this pages are very interesant and funny I like so much the jaraoke page, my three favorite songs are: same girl by Usher, whith love by Hilary Duff and mujerez divinas by Vicente Fernandez, and your class is very funny teacher thanks.

andres gallardo dijo...

This page is very interesting and amusing, as well as a good means of learning to practice English, I liked the video of U2 call a lot: “With or Without you”, they are the best, I also liked the video it was: “Bittersweet Symphony” of the group The Verve, I hope we continue working in the computers, thank you Miss.

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