Discover facts

Discover facts

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

Compare your descriptions.

Dear students,
A friend of mine from the USA ( Hank) described the same pictures you saw in the previous posting. He has a great sense of humor. Please read his descriptions . I hope you enjoy them.

2 of 14: This appears to be a a young girl who has lost her head while performing the floor exercise. Hope she is alright.
3 or 14: A picture of a shirtless man, and someone is holding up some money in front of his face so that the face on the money matches the size of his head, giving the illusion that it is part of his face. Someone has too much time on their hands.
4 of 14: Clever picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with a man posed in front of it. It looks like he's making it lean, but guess what?
5 of 14: A man washing his left foot. Optical illusion makes it appear like it's a third leg. No jokes please!
6 of 14: A statue of former Russion leader, Lenin, appearing to "shoot the rock". Nothin' but net!
7 of 14: Either this cat has a long neck , or this is two cats.
8 of 14: A girl holds a magazine in front of her face, and the picture on the magazine just happens to be the same size and proportion to her face.
9 of 14: Very impressive "stream". The guy obviously had not prostate problems. Maybe he shouldn't wait so long next time?
10 of 14: Big mouth and a long arm! Maybe he should be playing basketball instead of soccer.
11 of 14: Very interesting picture, with the reflection making it appear that you can see the left arm through the "glass" and at the same time the head is gone. The glass is actually not glass and not translucent. Picture appears to be very old.
12 of 14: Oriental girl getting acquainted with the locals. Neat picture from Egypt involving the Sphinx. Looks like the Sphinx still gets around.
13 of 14: I can't tell if the white stuff is ice or salt. The kid is mimicking the snorting of cocaine. He seems to have some knowledge of the technique, making me wonder if he has had actual experience. It has nothing to do with this, but it reminds me of something (when we were kids) we used to say to one another; "up your nose with a rubber hose". This is a one of many variations of the "up yours" insults.
14 of 14: Somebody has had way too much chili and beans.

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